What People are Saying:

Mark's wise and compassionate coaching has been instrumental in making this a great year of progress and growth.  He has been a sounding board for business challenges and ideas which has led to my achieving new levels of success.  His soulful and loving words has provided solace and hope during difficult personal and family situations.  As a result I have become stronger emotionally and spiritually.  He has suggested that I get back into my morning routine and meditation practice which feels great.  I am grateful for Mark--he has indeed inspired possibility in my life.
Craig Martin, CEO and President of Martin Global Leaders

Mark Susnow knows how to bring out superior performance in his clients. He is masterful.  By working with Mark, you will consistently surpass your own expectations of yourself.  You will also discover that life can be a lot more pleasurable.  I have personally benefited enormously from Mark's coaching and I recommend him to you without reservation."
Raz Ingrasci, Chairman, Hoffman Institute International

Working with Mark has helped me realize that the questions are, in fact, more important than the answers. Intuitive and insightful, Mark worked with me to discover sustainable strategies in overcoming self-limiting behaviors that had become a norm in both my business and personal life. Because of our time together, my journey has been refocused on exploring what I want, rather than what I think I can have."
Danika Davis, PHR CEO - Northern California HR Association

I have always believed and lived my life thinking that there was always something else—a higher purpose. Get's kind of hard trying to define what that sense of purpose is when you’re working 60 hours a week in the mortgage business. I know there are no coincidences. When I met Mark I was suffering from severe anxiety and the "never having enough time" syndrome. Mark turned my life around and helped me discover a sense of inner peace that I had never experienced before."
Debra Wensch

As someone who had done lots of personal growth work with individuals like Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins, I was a bit reserved about whether working with Mark would add anything to my life.  Now, nearly one year after first meeting Mark, I can say with 100% conviction that my work with Mark has been hands-down the most powerful personal growth work that I have done.  Through Mark's ongoing support, guidance and wisdom, I picked up my family and left my law firm to pursue a job that I've dreamt about my entire life.  And now, quite literally, I am living a dream come true and I simply would not be where I am today without Mark's coaching."
Don McLaughlin, Attorney-at-Law

When I came to see you a little over a year ago, I had a general sense that my life was unfulfilled, but I didn't know why or what to do to change it. You helped me to see that my life was out of balance. We identified my priorities, and you gave me tools to create the life I wanted. But I couldn't have made the necessary changes without your ongoing guidance and support."
Linda S. Naleway, Senior Paralegal

Mark is an amazing guy. He is calm, caring and enthusiastic and once he starts talking, you are compelled to listen. He is a friend, mentor, spiritual guide, camp counselor, and big brother contained in one wonderful person. He has helped me, quite simply, to start to do something that resonates with my soul and spirit. He has a presence and spirit that helps him give others a gentle nudge (and sometimes hard push) toward whatever their future path may hold. And he is able to provide the wisdom to see that path clearly and honestly and the courage to walk down it. Thank you, Mark."
Warren J. Strudwick, Jr. M.D., Team Physician for the Oakland Raiders

As with any true professional, Mark brings priceless and valuable intangibles to the table. Mark and I developed so much positive momentum together in the our coaching sessions that the waves of passion for my marketing projects keep on coming. He is a coach in the same manner as a gifted athletic coach or music teacher.  He brings out the talent within and helps us to play our own tunes effectively."
Steven R. Hutt, Financial Life Designer

After playing six years in the National Football League I was fortunate enough to make a great transition into the business world. I became caught up in the rat race and didn't even know it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with me during the last three months. The first word that comes to mind is "AWESOME". The journey of life is easier traveled with a Map & Directions. Thanks for helping me find my way."
Natu Tuatagaloa, Senior Vice President, IDEX Corp.

The most profound change I have noticed from working with you has been in my communication. For the first time, I am able to be more myself, open, honest and real with everyone-my life partner, my friends, with those I manage, and those who manage me. They, too, have noticed and applauded this transformation."
David Phipps, Director of Engineering

Our work together has opened my mind, and unlocked my potential, which has allowed me to have more success than I could have had on my own. I owe it to you that I have increased my fees by 50% over last year."
Richard Pitt, American Express Financial Advisor

Everyone needs help from time to time. We just get too caught up in the daily dramas of our personal affairs to see the forest through the trees. Even the most successful and brilliant minds in the universe become wise by recognizing the need for outside, caring support. Your background as a lawyer and spiritual seeker allow you the unique balance of being tough , practical, and down to earth, while at the same time gentle and loving."
Art Brownstein, M.D. , Author: Healing Back Pain Naturally (Harbor Press 1999)

Mark has taught me to start each day by wondering what the most fascinating/exciting thing might be during the day. Through that lens, I have looked at every experience from a different perspective . Most recently he supported me through a major life change-by encouraging me to enjoy the process. What a concept! His insights and intuitions have supported me in living my life more in alignment with who I am. Thanks Mark and Iâm looking forward to more."
Judith Hodgens, Former Mayor and Council member, Town of San Anselmo


As a young man, I had an authentic sense of self that was full of energy, adventure, spirituality and love. I had rich friendships, and often traveled to distant parts of the world, meeting wonderful people along the way. I would sit quietly on the beach and watch sunsets. Then I 'grew up'. Thirty years of business, starting several companies, trying to be what other’s wanted me to be, and all of the related stress associated with trying to acquire the proverbial Golden Egg.

As a trusted guide, mentor and friend, Mark has essentially said to me 'Hey, look over here, under all this clutter. Do you see what I see?' As I looked, I was amazed. For what I saw, though a bit dusty, was my old friend, waiting for me; my authentic self, full of positive energy, my real Golden Egg. I will always be grateful for Mark for this."
Jay Nathanson, Managing Partner, Target Marketing

I have known Mark Susnow, as a colleague and a friend, for over 20 years. We practiced law in the same office for years. Mark was successful as a lawyer, and his success was marked with a blend of seriousness and effortlessness that I admired. Now a personal coach, Mark offers a lot. Your quest may simply be to find a way to become more effective in your work and to integrate success into your life, or your quest may be --- or may become --- more ambitious. Either way, you will find Mark has traveled down a lot of these roads and is a patient and experienced traveler who is fun to have along."
Charles Kuntz, Attorney-At-Law

I started working with Mark Susnow because I felt as though I’d arrived at some locked doors in my life. Pushing against them had become frustrating. Mark’s keen intuition, systematic approach to coaching and wealth of knowledge showed me I had many more choices than I realized. By stepping back and in effect taking a different path to those doors, I began discovering they were either no longer locked when I returned, or that they hadn’t opened in response to pushing only because they opened inward."
Randy Kasten, Attorney

Mark has guided me to finding a way to tap into my inner strength through positive thought process. Now my everyday life has become more fullfilling and true. He has helped me gain insight of what I need to do to maintain and progress in this momentum."
Terry Inokouma, Potter and Teacher

Mark became my personal coach when I greatly questioned who I was going to be. As a single mother for the last 10 years I had one main focus, my children. Mark has helped me focus on myself, my mind and this ability has benefited me in many ways.  People see a confident, calmer and healthier woman today when they meet with me. I believe in myself and my work. I know financial success will come."
Mary Jo Titcombe, Registered Representative, New England Securities

Mark Susnow has been pure inspiration to me. When I first met Mark I was a single father who was launching a new business and was experiencing extreme anxiety, fear and self doubt. I was overwhelmed by all that was in front of me and didn’t know where to start. The doors that have been opened have allowed me to experience a new reality. I have expanded my sense of what is possible and am optimistic about the future. I’ll be cultivating the seeds that were planted for the rest of my life."
Scott Agueros, Owner, Marin Floor Company

I initially began working with Mark in order to bring balance to my life, a typical workaholic professional striving to rediscover the creativity and fun of younger days. In the course of achieving that balance, unexpected additional possibilities emerged, such as making space for a life partner, that make my life richer. Mark has made a tremendous impact in my life by challenging me to take a fresh look at the things I already know with an eye toward achieving the unimaginable."
Matthew Webb, Attorney-at-Law

I have been working with Mark Susnow as my life coach for more than a year and a half. I had been unhappy with my career and myself for several years and I sensed that I needed a series of changes to help me improve my life.

Mark helped me cut to the core issues in my frustration with my job. Once I could see my issues clearly, I made the decision to leave where I had been working for 17 years and open my own practice as an Architect. A year and a half later I have all the work I can handle with many prospects for the future. At the age of 62, I love my work more than ever and am not considering retirement, but rather a more balanced life, which will include continuing my creative work in a less stressful way and contributing more to the several social communities that support me."
David Ludwig, AIA - Architect

How you answer the question, “Is your cup half empty, half full or brimming over, defines how you see life.” This is the moment by moment essence of life in all its forms. Mark Susnow is a river that can lead you to your self and ultimately to a life over flowing with riches in many forms."
Lou Menges, Business Development Manager, Fortune 500 Sales.

Mark has challenged me to take risks and "put myself out there". There is more movement and flow in all areas of my life and somehow I don’t feel overwhelmed by all the new activity. He’s helped me re-frame my disempowering attitudes and offered many practical ideas about how to market my business. By being accountable to him on a regular basis I have been able to clarify my goals and increase my level of commitment to them. I’m more focused, positive, and confident. I’m excited about new opportunities and recognize that all aspects of my life (business, personal, artistic) are a creative expression of who I am."
Brian Kelly, Musician, composer, and Webdesigner

When I began working with Mark as my success coach, I aiready had a successful life: married for 14 years to a great woman, two creative, brilliant and healthy children, stable if not exciting progress in my career, and a growing clientele of music students but I didn’t have enough time to further my career, and be with my family and grow personally.

With Mark’s coaching I left a large corporation where I was working overtime, being over managed and getting little acknowledgement for a new company where I have independence, respect, and a promotion within six months. I now have the time to be with my family while being open up to new possibilities in my career."
Mark Culbertson, Musician, Teacher, Liability Specialist


Mark Susnow

The Soul of Uncertainty  - A Fable for Our Timesa young man meets a modern day mystic and an unexpected 'road trip of the soul begins.'
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Having you as my personal coach has helped me to focus my energy on myself and reach within to find the stillness, the calmness of my inner self. I have also learned the importance of being grateful for other joys in my life: my musical talents, great friends, my law practice, natural creativity and passion for living."
Rick Baskin, Attorney-At-Law

Denial - that is the best word I can think of to describe my life before I met Mark and started on a new journey. It’s not that I was unhappy or unsuccessful before, it’s just that I didn’t indulge myself by maximizing life’s opportunities. The difference in my life over the last fifteen months is like the contrast of a mountain climber who now gazes up to see where he can still go instead of looking down to see how far he could drop. After Mark helped me have the courage to get past my fear of falling, he awakened me to the concept that above the mountain summit exists an endless series of peaks."
Mitch Emoff, President, Fulfillment Center, Shumsky and Co

Working with Mark has been an enlightening experience. I knew something was missing in my life but I was unequipped to define just what it was. Mark’s unique experiences give him the capacity to guide me through personal and spiritual, as well as professional challenges. I now have the tools to face the challenges in my life and I welcome them. Our work together has allowed me to become a participant in my life instead of an observer."
Peggy Ford-Smith, CPA

Mark Susnow has been instrumental in coaching me through one of my most challenging feats; getting through Nursing School while being a full time single parent, working part time as a massage therapist and still being able to attain my dreams as a jazz vocalist. He has been very effective through his practical life skills advice, insight/ reflection on stress coping mechanisms and of course his great sense of humor. He has been a rock of Gibraltar, cheering me on the sidelines as I paved my road to success."
Laura B. Snelling, R.N., C.M.T., Musician

Mark was the catalyst that helped me transform my life. His mentoring, and the focus techniques he taught me encouraged me to follow my dream as to where and how I live."
Vashon Borich, President of Talent Chase Career Solutions

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