The Power of Communication: Connection transcends titles, race, age and anything you can think of. From this bond of connection anything is possible.

Embrace the Great Mystery

We're so hard on Ourselves

Reclaim Your Life

"Awesome, Fabulous, Inspiring," were some of the superlatives that our members used to describe Mark Susnow’s presentation on navigating change at the recent Pasco HR Conference.

- Shane Anderies, Attorney-at-Law, President, Pasco Human Resources Association


iGPS - Getting on the Positive Side of Change: By embracing changes as an inevitable part of life, you experience the adventure + opportunities around you. 

What we all want is to feel connected -- that feeling we get when we are fully present with another being. From this bond of connection, everything seems possible. It's communication at its highest level and is a lost art.

Interpersonal conflict is a major concern for most individuals and organizations. It costs us good- working relationships, morale, productivity and effectiveness.

Once this power, this amazing ability is brought into our lives, into the level of the organization, anything is possible. Mark teaches his audiences four principles that have the potential to transform, not only our lives, but the dynamics of any organization. This program can be a presented as a keynote or as a training.

"Mark's recent communication program to our Peernet Organization of all CEO’s taught us the power of communication and how it can positively transform the dynamics of our organizations." Jay Nathanson, Chairman, Peernet Group

speakingBecoming the Mindful Leader: Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art
and an amazing collection of skills that can be learned and sharpened through a series of daily habits and activities.

In this presentation, you will learn ten keys that will help you unlock the door to becoming the leader you have always wanted to be. They also unlock the door of your becoming the person you have always wanted to be. These keys can be the basis for the foundation of a powerful leadership development plan that will enable you to expand your ability to create impact in all of the environments that you are part of, no matter what they are.

In this exploration, you will gain greater clarity and understanding of what it takes to become a great leader. Not only do you experience more fulfillment, you find that you have more energy, are better able to innovate and better able to think outside the box. Once you commit to this process, you find that you have a renewed sense of what your mission is and what it is to live a passionate life.

What Meeting Planners Are Saying

"Mark's recent communication program to our Peernet Organization of all CEO’s taught us the power of communication and how it can positively transform the dynamics of our organizations. I highly recommend him to any organization that wants a deeper understanding of communication, and the tools to put that knowledge into action."

-Jay Nathanson, Chairman, Peernet Group


"Mark’s recent presentation to the Commonwealth Club kept our members thoroughly engaged and entertained. The audience was inspired to see the changes in their lives as opportunities and possibilities rather than as something to avoid."

-George Hammond, Chair — Humanities Forum, Commonwealth Club of California


"Mark’s inspired “Navigating Change” presentation was the highlight of the School of Business and Professional Studies Speaker Series. The participants found his enthusiasm about the possibilities of change both inspirational and exciting. We look forward to having him back next year."

-David D. Griffis, Adjunct Professor — University of San Francisco, School of Business and Professional Studies

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