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"I have been working with Mark Susnow as my life coach for more than a year and a half. I had been unhappy with my career and myself for several years and I sensed that I needed a series of changes to help me improve my life. Mark helped me cut to the core issues in my frustration with my job. Once I could see my issues clearly, I made the decision to leave where I had been working for 17 years and open my own practice as an Architect. A year and a half later I have all the work I can handle with many prospects for the future. At the age of 62, I love my work more than ever and am not considering retirement, but rather a more balanced life, which will include continuing my creative work in a less stressful way and contributing more to the several social communities that support me." - David Ludwig, AIA - Architect
trust in yourself
"Denial - that is the best word I can think of to describe my life before I met Mark and started on a new journey. It’s not that I was unhappy or unsuccessful before, it’s just that I didn’t indulge myself by maximizing life’s opportunities. The difference in my life over the last fifteen months is like the contrast of a mountain climber who now gazes up to see where he can still go instead of looking down to see how far he could drop. After Mark helped me have the courage to get past my fear of falling, he awakened me to the concept that above the mountain summit exists an endless series of peaks." Mitch Emoff, Vice President, Goldner Associates
be inspired
"Everyone needs help from time to time. We just get too caught up in the daily dramas of our personal affairs to see the forest through the trees. Even the most successful and brilliant minds in the universe become wise by recognizing the need for outside, caring support. Your background as a lawyer and spiritual seeker allow you the unique balance of being tough , practical, and down to earth, while at the same time gentle and loving." Art Brownstein, M.D. , Author: Healing Back Pain Naturally (Harbor Press 1999)
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