The Edge of Uncertainty

In the midst of a storm, I looked up into the sky and knew that I would see the sun somewhere hidden in the clouds and the darkness, trying to peek through. It was then that I looked for the rainbow I knew would be there.

From the Soul of Uncertainty

Full of loose ends and uncertainties, this New Year will not disappoint. Yes there will be many clouds and darkness in the horizon, but there will also be many amazing colors of the rainbow to enjoy and feast upon.

During the past decade many amazing people have invited into their lives and shared with me their hopes, their concerns, and their dreams. If there has been a theme underlying their journey and my own, it is the challenge all of us face— to find peace in the midst of uncertainty. You know that one. Hello uncertainty! Is it possible that the unknown just might become your friend?

That edge of uncertainty each of us feels on a daily basis begins in childhood and pervades everything we do, keeping many of us up late at night. (real late—I mean real late) How we come to terms with this uncertainty determines our experience of life! That’s today’s work, that’s today’s opportunity.

As our lives continue to evolve and unfold, we find that there are many unanswerable questions and mysteries, which have a way of resurfacing. While at times we are pleasantly surprised, at other times, we are knocked to our knees.

During this unfolding, we discover how amazingly resilient we are. We also uncover new insights as we explore the mystery of life’s unknown seas. Although there are no hard and fast answers to this ongoing inquiry, it is a worthy exploration that contributes to the richness of life.

I know that many say that today is different and that we face

unprecedented challenges. While that may be true, in the past we have also faced many seemingly unsolvable challenges. Back then those dark clouds seemed darker than ever, but we didn’t give up looking for the rainbow that we knew was there somewhere. And we found it.

Today is a new day, a new challenge with new opportunities. What emerges is a new paradigm about living:

Waking up each day—excited, with a smile on your face— even in the midst of all of life’s uncertainties is what real success is. In this paradigm, the shift from the physical world of accomplishment and achievement to the inner world of being and wonder has the potential to transform your relationship to life itself.

It was while living on the island of Kauai that this inner world of being and wonder grew into a major part of my life…Although my circumstances kept changing and evolving, loaded as they were with many uncertainties, mother nature helped me to perceive these transitions in a new way.

In the midst of a storm, I looked up into the sky and knew that I would see the sun somewhere hidden in the clouds and the darkness, trying to peek through. It was then that I looked for the rainbow I knew would be there.

And that became my life. In the midst of all of the piles of loose ends and uncertainties, I knew there were possibilities, opportunities, and rainbows waiting for me to explore.

On one level the Soul of Uncertainty is complete. Yet the challenge all of us face— to find peace in the midst of uncertainty continues and always will.

Embrace the edge! With a sense of being and wonder emerging into its full glory, a glory beyond anything you’ve yet experienced, you keep expanding that edge — at one time a barrier to seeing what’s beyond that ridge or beneath the surface of the deep mysterious ocean — to discover that this unknown territory is full of amazing possibilities of your living a life full of joy and wonder.

What emerges in this evolutionary process is a new “you” who knows that there is no better than now to soar even in the midst of the dark clouds.

You know I love to hear from you. Let me know what is emerging. Thanks for being part of the Inspire Possibility community. I would love for you to share Letters on Life with those in your circle.

There is no better time than now. You are the one you have been waiting for.

The official date for the release of the Soul of Uncertainty, a Fable for our Times, is Feb 1st. The initial feedback has been tremendous. See below about ordering your copy.

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A young man, Buddy,  just setting out in life encounters a mysterious “modern day mystic” who promises to help him tap into magical powers inside himself to attain a sense of inner freedom, and his soul’s purpose. An unexpected ‘road trip’ of the soul begins and Buddy is never the same.

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