“Someday” is Here Right Now

“Someday” is Here Right Now

Someday is Here Right Now

Your circumstances are perfect today, right now.

Someday is here right now, if only we knew what we do now, back then. It worked out, didn’t it, maybe not exactly the way we had hoped, but we got through it. And not only got through it but in some cases exceeded our expectations.


The trap or habit that many of us fall into, is to condition our happiness and fulfillment on external events occurring sometime in the future.

We find ourselves saying, “When this happens, things will be better. Then I can be happy.” You know how it goes. You probably know some people who are masters at postponing their happiness. They always have an excuse as to why their life isn’t working. The circumstances in the future are very rarely going to be in perfect alignment. That something we are waiting for to happen might not ever occur. And even if it does, we might find that what we thought was important has also changed.

Whatever was going on in your life, got you here to this moment in time, right now; even things you didn’t like.

That day in the future often referred to as “Someday” is here right now. Make the best of it. When today is over, it’s forever gone. You only have this day once. Don’t waste it by thinking that some other day might be better.

“At times our own light dims, and is reignited by the spark of another person.”

I’m getting excited.  The official date for the release of the Soul of Uncertainty, a Fable for our Times, is Feb 1st.  The initial feedback has been tremendous.

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The official release date for SOUL is Feb 1, 2017.  When you preorder the Inspire Possibility Package,  not only will you get a signed copy, you will also get a signed copy of Dancing on the River. And as an incentive, you will also get the CD of the live talk I gave at the SF Commonwealth Club on the 8 Principles of Change. You will receive Dancing on the River and the 8 Principles immediately and SOUL by the official release date.


A young man just setting out in life encounters a mysterious  “modern day mystic,” Mervin, who promises to help him tap into magical powers inside himself to attain a sense of inner freedom, of joy, and his soul’s purpose.  In the manner of The Alchemist, The Soul of Uncertainty is a powerful fable that shows the human experience of life in all its ups and downs, forgetting and remembering, on a journey of spiritual adventure.

The INSPIRE POSSIBILITY blog is dedicated to personal and professional development. Mark Susnow, is an executive-life coach and strategist who inspires others to believe in themselves and to experience more fulfillment and success in their lives.

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