Negative Thinking be Gone

Negative Thinking Be Gone

Negative Thinking Be Gone

Negative Thinking be Gone

Negative Thinking. In a life coaching session a few days ago,  with one of my clients, we discussed how to get rid of negative thinking. What exactly is negative thinking and what can you do about it? The simple answer is that negative thinking is and has been a life-long habit. Right now as I write this I’m listening to Ziggy Marley and to the rhythm of the music I’m saying to myself, “Negative Thinking be Gone.” It’s a great first step.

So what else can you do to change this habit?  Start your day differently. Notice what you do in the morning. How you start your day sets the tone for the day! Choose to start it differently. What’s on your phone or online can wait until later in the day.

Here’s what I suggest. Sit for a few minutes in silence and then slowly focus on what you are grateful for. What that does is shift your focus from what isn’t working and what you don’t like about your life, to what is working and what you do like about your life. This morning program practice goes a long way toward breaking the habit of negative thinking. If you don’t break the habit it can become hypnotic. And you know how it works. Before you know it you begin imagining the worse case scenario. There’s one more thing you can do to break this habit.

After you have focused on what you are grateful for, wonder about the highlight of your day. Many of my life coaching clients have reported to me that over time, their expectations have changed and that they expect good things to occur. As your day progresses you’re wondering what the best possible outcome can be. This thinking can become an empowering habit, one that empowers you.

Consistent positive thinking, not only changes your outlook on life, but it also empowers you to see opportunities that previously you would not have looked at. As we just mentioned these negative cycles can become hypnotic. The sooner that you recognize that you are in one of these negative loops the sooner you can break the hypnotic. Just recognize it and don’t judge it. Don’t beat yourself up. Notice it and then say, “Next.”

What a worthy adventure we are on. Our job is to enjoy it, to be ethical and to live life fully.

Journey On

“At times our own light goes out, and is reignited by the spark of another person.”

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