Is There a Secret to Life?

Is there a Secret to Life?

Most of us, if not all of us, have wondered from time to time if there is a secret to life. We have thought, talked, read and listened to others wondering the same thing. This is what I’ve come up with.

Let’s start with smiling. A genuine smile is contagious and compelling and goes a long way toward relieving tension between people. When we smile we usually are happy. Even when we are not at our best, smiling has the potential to change our mood instantly. There is a scientific explanation behind this phenomenon.

Some time ago, when I was preparing a program on stress reduction, I came across an article on the science of smiling. It was one of those articles where the author was unknown. “Smiles, frowns, and grimaces were once seen simply as expressions of feelings. Increasingly, scientists are realizing that facial expressions precede feelings and play a role in generating them. How does this work? One theory suggests that when you use the “smile muscles” at the corners of your mouth, you change the direction of the blood flow inside your face in such a way that it causes the temperature of the blood to drop. This cooler blood enters the region of the brain known as the hypothalamus and causes the release of chemicals that can suppress pain and help a person to feel better. Cooling the blood may promote the release of endorphins, which, decreases pain and gives you a lift. In short, smiling instructs our brains to feel good.”

The implications are enormous. Increasingly medical science recognizes the effect that stress has on illness. Could smiling more be the key to health and wellness? The good news is that it doesn’t take anymore time.

I’ve written about this next strategy on several occasions and there is a chapter in my book, Dancing on the River that explores this concept in more detail. How you start your day sets the tone for the day. When you start your day with calmness and focus, there is a greater likelihood that your day will be less stressful. And the corollary is true—when you start your day anxious and in a hurry, you’ll hurry thru the rest of the day playing catch-up. You never do catch-up for what you are trying to catch is an illusion. At the end of the day, most of the work gets done, but you are exhausted because of the stress you felt throughout the day.

If you have been following my work you know that I am a big believer in having a committed daily spiritual practice, which allows you to connect with your center. The exact form is up to you. There are two key words here—committed and practice. When you are committed to a daily practice, you’ll discover your center. When you don’t live from your center, the difficulties in your life seem much more challenging. It’s like driving your car without shock absorbers. Every bump in the road is magnified. Eventually all you see are imperfections. And that’s the way are lives are when we lose connection with our center. The other word is practice. You need to do it. Some days it’s easier than others. I have been practicing meditation and yoga for years, yet I still experience resistance to practicing on some mornings. But I do anyway and usually feel good afterwards.

So there you have it. Try it on. See what happens. Smile and laugh more—take time in the morning for your morning program and notice your stress levels decreasing.

Perhaps you already have a practice that works for you. You’re on your way. Keep practicing. Let’s have a discussion as to what works for you. If you haven’t yet begun, it’s not too late.



“What a worthy adventure we are on. Our job is to enjoy it, to be ethical and to live life fully.”

The INSPIRE POSSIBILITY blog is dedicated to personal and professional development. Mark Susnow, is an executive-life coach and strategist who inspires others to experience more fulfillment and success in their life. A former trial attorney for 30 years and musician, he integrates what it takes to be successful in the world with the inner wisdom unfolded to him through years of yoga and meditation. He is the author of Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s Changes and the soon to be released the Soul of Uncertainty. Contact him for a free strategy session.,

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