Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life. 

Yoko Ono

What if?

A new paradigm from which to relate to life emerges.

As you continue to expand and evolve what emerges is a shift to the positive side of change. In this paradigm, waking up each day, excited, with a smile on your face—even with all the loose ends and uncertainty, is what real success is. The breakthrough then becomes the shift from the physical world of accomplishment and achievement, to the inner world of being and wonder.

A World of Wonder

A World of Wonder

While most of us would like to be more successful in the world, that, by itself, won’t fulfill us. Lightening up and enjoying each day to its fullest, which includes the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and ebb and flow of life’s unfolding mystery, is what makes us come alive.

The paradox is that when we embrace the positive side of change, not only do we experience the same or greater levels of material success, we enjoy ourselves in the process of creation. In the process we discover possibilities we never knew existed. On this side of change, we don’t fear or obsess about the inevitable “loose ends” because we know we have what it takes to handle, and to thrive in them.


Once we emerge into the new paradigm, the not knowing, what’s next, becomes an exciting adventure of discovery. With a sense of being and wonder emerging into its full glory, a glory beyond anything you’ve yet experienced, you notice as you look more deeply and reflect upon your life, that events which at one time seemed random, are all interconnected preparing you for this moment. There’s still a great deal you can’t explain, and the curiosity to explore and explain it, excites you, propels you. In the process, you keep expanding your edge, which at one time was a barrier to seeing what’s beyond that ridge or beneath the surface of the deep mysterious ocean, to discover that this unknown territory is full of amazing possibilities of your living a life full of joy and wonder.

Your enjoyment and appreciation of life is not dependent on what might happen in the future, but rather on the choice you make over and over again to be happy in this moment, yes this one, the one that is all there is.

When things don’t work out the way you had hoped or your expectations weren’t meant, rather than judging what happened and its significance in the big picture, just SAY TO YOURSELF, ‘THAT’S INTERESTING.’ These powerful words reinforce that you are the creator, who is the architect of the life you want to live, and the person you want to be. The creation of this life is an constantly evolving art form, one that is being cultivated minute by minute. As you emerge into this new paradigm, you experience your life as an exciting journey of discovery.


Who is that person inside of you waiting to emerge? May this image be an inspiration for you to keep exploring.

     Embrace this Great Mystery, this Great Adventure, called, “Life,”

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Mark Susnow is a life coach and strategist and thought-leader who inspires others to believe in themselves. He is passionate about life being an exciting journey of discovery. A former trial attorney for 25 years and musician, he integrates what it takes to be successful in the world with the inner wisdom unfolded to him through years of yoga and meditation.

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