Beyond Negative Thinking

Bank of Well-Being

Bank of Well-Being

Beyond Negative Thinking

Most of us, if not all of us, would give almost anything to become free from the day to day upsets that tend to shut us down and stress us out. What would it be like to be #BeyondNegativeThinking. Because life is so full of uncertainty, we are challenged daily in some manner.

Since we can’t determine what is in the news, our only choice is to change our perspective as to how we view these events. Very rarely does a day go by, when there isn’t mention of finances. With all of the news about banks failing or about to fail, let me introduce you to a different type of bank—it’s an inner bank that I call the B.A.N.K of Well-Being. It’s our internal barometer that gages how we are feeling about “life.” When our account has a nice surplus we are optimistic and believe that we can handle most challenges.
But when there is a run of negative news, our account easily gets drained and we tend to focus on what can go wrong.
Fundamental Truth: No matter what’s going on in your life, there is always going to be something that can negatively affect you. Just think about how easily you get plugged in when you read the paper or watch the news. Yet wanting to tune into the news, whether it’s the paper, TV or the Internet, can become an addiction. I have to admit I was one of those who was getting addicted to news about the election.
There are many other situations that have the potential to drain your account. No matter what you do, the stresses of everyday living have the potential to drain your account. No matter how careful and strategic you are, you can’t be perfect. In fact, trying to be perfect further drains your account. When stress drains you, you don’t have the energy or fortitude to handle the normal circumstances of your life. You overreact and aren’t able to see the big picture. In essence your personal, spiritual and emotional accounts get drained.
You need to replenish your account by depositing good energy in the form of positive thoughts, healthy food, exercise, a spiritual discipline, inspiration, and supportive friends. Meditation and communing in nature have always had a healing effect on my being. My attitude about life dramatically changed once I began meditating many years ago. Everyday in some way I was making a deposit. I know that you have your own way of replenishing your account.
The BANK (Beyond Negative Thinking) of Well-Being is a reminder to me that I have a choice. It’s a choice about being conscious that I make over and over again.
It’s a choice about how you want to live your life and about being that person who actually lives that life. It’s a choice about which voice you choose to listen to; the voice of judgment or the voice of inspiration.
To help you make a quantum shift from becoming that person to being that person, think about what you can do to replenish your account?
What is one action that you are willing to take now? Who is going to hold you accountable to take that action?

You have the time. You just need the commitment. Make it a big commitment.

-To dare again -To dream again
-To feel enjoyment and happiness again, or perhaps for the very first time.
-To realize this is living.”

Walk in freedom and enjoy this Great Adventure, this Great Mystery called LIFE. There is no better time than now.


Mark Susnow is a life coach and strategist and thought-leader who inspires others to believe in themselves. He is passionate about life being an exciting journey of discovery. A former trial attorney for 25 years and musician, he integrates what it takes to be successful in the world with the inner wisdom unfolded to him through years of yoga and meditation.

If you are curious to find out how Mark can make a difference in your life both personally and professionally, you are invited to contact him at 415.453.5016 or email him at Find out about his new book,  The Soul of Uncertainty, a Fable for our Times. 

The Soul of Uncertainty, a Fable for our Times, is available for purchase at

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The Soul of Uncertainty lets you peek into that possibility to illuminate your
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