An Uncertain Challenge

The world is changing faster than it has ever before. Perhaps our biggest challenge is how to make peace with an uncertain future that seems to become increasingly uncertain by the minute. That uncertainty is there in almost all facets of our lives—our safety, our finances, our health, and our sense of wellbeing. The rapid technological changes contribute to this uncertainty. You do notice that I say “seems to be.”

Are we in unprecedented times? Even if we are, the challenge is the same, which is to develop a trust that if you live totally in the present that the uncertainty you have about the future will work out and unfold for the greater good.

Our part is to be 100% committed to whatever we are engaged in at the moment. This doesn’t mean to be in denial as to some of the problems that we experience individually and collectively. But when we approach these concerns with 100% focus and effort, then we begin to discover solutions to problems that previously were thought to be insoluble. We’ll also experience less stress.

Our greater dependency on technology makes it more difficult for us to stay focused and takes us away from our sense of self. It’s also becomes an addictive habit. You know the text or call that intrudes upon the present moment.

As soon as you see or hear a signal that you have an incoming message, you interrupt what you are doing to notice the nature of that incoming message. Very rarely is it something important that has to be handled in the moment.

You pay a price for these distractions. In the process you lose your ability to really get into something and know it well. Rather than being in the moment you are thinking about something else. Is that something else more important than what you are doing now or the conversation you are having with someone else?

What is lost is the ability to connect with others and to work together. The flow of your conversation and ideas has been interrupted so that you aren’t able to explore in greater depth. The irony is that none of us like to be interrupted but that is exactly what happens. What makes it worse, is that we are being interrupted essentially by a computer. The energy changes and the connection has been lost. Sure we have more information at our fingertips, but we’ve replaced intimacy with information.

All of this leads to a greater sense of isolation. Even when we want to connect face-to-face we’re not exactly sure how to go about doing it. Communication is an art form and, like other art forms, needs to be practiced. You get better the more you do it.

Really connecting with another is magical.  And connecting with your self is essential,  which  only comes when you learn how to still your mind.

Here’s a suggestion. For one precious moment, learn to trust it’s all going to work out. For that one moment just be. Then try it for ten minutes. Give your concerns some time off. They don’t need you all of the time.

Living in the moment is an art form that can be cultivated. The ones that have mastered it have a presence about them. They are connected to the source of their personal power and all that is, and has always been. Meditation in the morning is an essential practice to cultivate in this rapidly changing world.

“To dream – again. To dare – again.
To feel enjoyment and happiness – again,
or for the first time.
To realize – Ah, this is living —

That day in the future often referred to as “Someday” is here right now. Make the best of it. When today is over, it’s forever gone. You only have this day once.

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