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Executive-Life Coach and Motivational Speaker; Author of  Dancing on the River: Navigating Life's Changes and The Soul of Uncertainty. Host: Inspire Possibility Radio Show

Perhaps you have a general idea of what's important to you. Most of us do, but in the midst of all of the doing-ness and busyness, we lose sight of what that is. When you become part of the Inspire Possibility community by signing up for the Letters on Life newsletter, not only will you have access to our monthly reminders and doses of inspiration, you will have access to two of our foundational E-Books. I promise not to clog up your inbox!


You will learn how to recognize the early signs that let you know when your life is out of balance. Living a balanced life is a series of adjustments--kind of like sailing. When the direction or intensity of the winds change, you have to adjust your sails to keep the boat sailing in the direction you want. The winds, like our lives, are always going to change--but it's how we adjust that matters. Like playing in the elements, these adjustments can be an enjoyable experience and so can live our lives.

I would like to get my life back.

The Challenge


Imagine you are in a magical garden and there are seven stepping-stones that take you closer to an inspiring fountain of knowledge. As you uncover each stone and thoroughly explore its attributes, you will receive a key that brings you closer to where you want to be in in your life.

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