Turning Hard Work and Struggle into a Celebration

In the back of my mind I thought about writing a book. I had been writing Letters on Life, a monthly ezine, for quite some time. Writing a book was the next progression. But life got in the way and the thought stayed on the back burner, until I ran into an old friend. She had been reading Letters on Life and suggested that I write a book. With her help I spent a year developing a memoir. When reached the point of final editing, she suggested that rather than publish the memoir, that I should publish something based on my newsletters since I already had a following.

Although I knew she was right, I initially resisted the idea. After a year of hard work, I wanted to see the end result. So I did nothing for a while. The unpublished manuscript stayed on my computer, until one day I decided I would write that book. The result was Dancing on the River: Navigating Life’s Changes.

I originally thought that the book would be completed in a brief period of time—— I would get a publisher and then I would be on my way. Well life doesn’t work that way. The entire process with getting the book published took three years.

On many occasions I felt like abandoning the project, but I hung in there.I had to dig deep and bear my soul to finish the journey, or should I say the first phase of the journey.

The next phase is sharing your book and message with others. For some that is daunting, but for me I enjoy it. It’s not a short journey, but a marathon full of many ups and downs; many starts and finishes. But a rewarding journey.

Nearing the day when the manuscript was ready for the editor was an exciting day. But it was just the first phase of many. Along the way there were more peaks and valleys. The struggle, the uncertainty, the feeling of giving up have all contributed to the feeling of joy that I got when I completed the project. Since then it’s been a celebration.

But it’s all taking one step at a time. But keep taking that step.



Mark Susnow, is an Executive-life coach, Speaker and Author. He is passionate about life being an exciting journey of discovery. He is the author of Dancing on the River:Navigating Life’s Changes; Discover the Leader Within: 10 Ways to Become the Leader you Have Always Wanted to Be. You can reach him at mark@inspirepossibility.com

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