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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Let me introduce you to the Bank of Well-Being. It’s our internal barometer as to how we are feeling about our life. When our account has a nice surplus we are able to handle most challenges. Our job is to be mindful of how easily our account can fluctuate.

For example with all of the negativity out there our account can easily get drained. Just think about how you get plugged in when you read the paper or listen to the news. I find that keeping it to a minimum makes a huge difference.

Your account easily gets drained when there is a run of negative news or negative thinking. To keep your account solvent you need to deposit good energy in the form of positive thoughts, healthy food, exercise, a spiritual discipline, inspiration, supportive friends and I’m sure there are many more ways of replenishing the account.

Imagine consciously thinking of this concept. What are some things you can do to replenish your account? What actions are you willing to take now? Who is going to hold you accountable?

Journey On



Monday, February 26th, 2007

Recently the buzz has been about the movie The Secret which is all about the Law of Attraction. This principle is nothing new. Throughout the years there have been many articles written about creating success in your life and the core in most all of them is that you create your own reality. You need to have a clear vision of what that reality is and to feel it emotionally. You need to act as if it has already happened.

But what is new in the Secret is the marketing of this concept so that more people are aware of these principles than ever before. Oprah had two shows dedicated to the movie. The major theme is that you attract to you what your dominant thoughts are.

What is challenging for many people is that they usually focus on the negative. How do you shift your focus from the negative to the positive? Just thinking about what you want on a conflicted mind will help only to a limited extent. You have to learn to empty the mind.

Meditation is the best way to do this. After emptying the mind, I focus on what I am grateful for. I have used this practice for many years. Focusing on what you are grateful gets you into the now. Your focus is then on what you have, not on what you don’t have. It’s not about the future or about the past.

And what you focus on expands. Expressing gratitude for all of the blessings in your life, expands the good in your life. You create a vibration that attracts like energy.

I want to leave you with one practice. Every morning take some time to still the mind. Then think of 15-20 things that you are grateful for. Don’t make this too difficult. It could be your smile or your openness. Think of qualities and characteristics that you like about yourself and want to cultivate,not necessarily things.

Journey On



Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Right now I am thinking of all that I have to do. Sometimes the thinking about it prevents me from actually doing it. For example until I sat down and started writing this blog I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. I wasn’t sure where I was going. Now that I am actually doing it I see a direction.

And that’s the way with many things in life. Until you actually begin the journey you won’t know where the path that leads you to the magic garden will be. As you become more present to what’s in front of you and all around you, you will be better able to recognize the opportunities that are presented to you.

Sometimes it’s a matter of creating your own path. Be the innovator and be willing to think out of the box. Being a master thinker and creator is a great asset. But you also have to take action. So here’s your part. After you have identified what you are trying to accomplish what are three action steps you can take to help you realize your dream? When will you take them? Who is going to hold you accountable for going forward?

Journey On



Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

As we all know at some point in our life we start to feel boxed in by our life circumstances. Our choices seem limited by our beliefs around what is possible in our life. And when we are really honest with ourself we know that our beliefs are just beliefs and not truth. It’s difficult for many of us to accept this fact, but when you do it will free you up.

These limiting beliefs are based upon your interpretation of your past personal history. The meaning you have given to these events including labels or things people have said about you, limit your ability to make choices today.

Freeing yourself up from this past is the first step in experiencing more personal freedom in your life. Look back at your life and realize that every event and experience that has occurred has made you who you are today. Take a look at some of your past experiences. Can you give this past experience a different meaning?

I know you can but even if you can’t what about being open to the possibility that because of this event you are better for it. Sometimes forgiving yourself or someone else is also freeing. Stop hanging on and let it go. Let go of your attachments and your identification with what has happened. Be willing to give it new meaning. As you reframe your past, you pave the way for a more exciting future.

Journey On


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