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Mark's Story of Life's Changes

Mark's life has been dedicated to helping people make the necessary changes that will better their lives. At times, on the bigger stage of life that meant taking stands, even risky ones for social change. As a young attorney, he often found himself moved to help the underdog in their struggle for survival and success.

unnamedInspired by the inner strength of many of these amazing people in overcoming daily challenges, he began moving through his own changes to a more fulfilling life.

There was a turning point when he realized that for all the 'worldly success' and accomplishments that were coming to him, something was still missing.

It was around this time that he began his inner quest for deeper meaning. Meditation and yoga became part of his daily life, long before they became popular. On a daily basis he learned, what it takes to dare to look at one’s life, to look inward as well as outward, and to make the changes necessary to live a fulfilling life.

Today, many corporate employees are finding themselves beginning mindfulness and meditation practices, as part of another social wave - a 'New Competitive Edge' moving through corporate America. And like them, Mark started and kept up his daily practice along with a busy social life, a successful law practice, a family to care for - which came to include 3 children.

After making the island of Kauai his second home, he became restless for a new challenge. Inspired by the new millennium, and unable to ignore his own inner voice any longer, Mark took the year off to consider his next step.

And then it came to him.

I would like to:

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Answering that inner call, he felt inspired to help others believe in themselves and live their lives to the fullest. Inspirepossiblity.com was created for this purpose.

He began coaching and mentoring individuals one-on-one. Then Letters on Life, his newsletter, which enabled him to have a platform to reach many like-minded souls, was launched.

During this period he created and presented many programs and keynote addresses to groups about the courage it takes to make the changes necessary to live a meaningful life.

Mark SusnowIn 2010, he wrote Dancing On The River.

It’s now 2017. Happier than ever he is living the life he once hoped for. He continues his life-changing work of reaching and inspiring more people through his Inspire Possibility Podcast, interviews, blogs, his book on Leadership, Discover the Leader Within, corporate trainings, and keynote speeches—and of course his passion — one-to-one life coaching and discovery.

His new book, The Soul of Uncertainty - A Fable for Our Times, was recently published and available at retailers everywhere.

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