"Mark's coaching, presence and spirit, helps him give others a gentle nudge(and sometimes hard push) toward whatever their future path may hold. As a friend, mentor and spiritual guide, Mark has helped me, quite simply, start to do something that resonates with my soul and spirit."
- Warren J. Strudwick, Jr. M.D.,
Team Physician, Oakland Raiders

Do YOU Dream of Discovering the More Life in Your Life?

If You know what it is to feel that your inner flame has faded, that your zip has been zapped and that you can't find the restart or do-over button... I have news for YOU

Your Life can still be an inspiring adventure!

Are You Ready to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams?

Whether coaching clients one-on-one, speaking to your groups, or teaching you the Inspire Possibility 8 Point Process - iGPS - what comes across is that Mark is passionate about supporting your life being an on-going, exciting journey of discovery.

"I believe you have within you more resources of energy than you have ever imagined, more creativity than you have ever demonstrated, more to give than you have ever given, much, much more life to live - and more courage than you have ever realized to make it happen. I am passionate about guiding and coaching people and organizations that want to improve the quality of their lives. Together we re-discover your personal vision and tap into your personal power -- to see changes large and small, to journey through the changes and into living a more powerfully fulfilling life."

Mark Susnow, Executive Life Coach,
Life Discovery Guide, Author, JD

"Intuitive and insightful, Mark worked with me to discover sustainable strategies in overcoming self-limiting behaviors that had become a norm in both my business and personal life."
Danika Davis, PHR
CEO - Northern California HR Association

"Success doesn't have to be a struggle. Mark knows how to bring out superior performance in his clients. He is masterful."
Raz Ingrasci,
President of the Hoffman Institute
"Mark's recent presentation to the Commonwealth Club inspired our members to see the changes in their lives as opportunities and possibilities rather than as something to avoid."
George Hammond, Chair — Humanities Forum, Commonwealth Club of California

"Mark's recent communication program to our Peernet Organization of all CEO’s taught us the power of communication and how it can positively transform the dynamics of our organizations."
Jay Nathanson, Chairman, Peernet Group

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